A downloadable game for Windows

another old prototype, this one from 2009

general idea of an autoscrolling run & gun where the running is literal

also wanted to take advantage of mouse controls to try adding a melee weapon that actually depends on the player swinging it manually. it's dangerous, but it rewards the player with coins when you pull it off

there's also a character customization screen that allows the player to change the colors of their character's hair, stick figure body, and bullets, switch weapons, or switch body type

A and D - move left and right
W - jump
S - slide
aim with mouse
swing the mouse around and it'll count as swinging the weapon around as a melee attack (represented visually with some swing trail effects)
and mouse button 1 is for shooting (assuming you have the gun equipped)
close the game at any time with ESC

Install instructions

the game's a simple game maker exe (from old gamemaker 7 i think, but it'll work on any windows machine since 98 im sure...)


ChargePrototype.exe 2 MB

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