Oh no! Mazzie is late for school, no time even for toast! Now she has to run through the haunted, cat-infested park to arrive on time! Though maybe she'll be able to round up some lunch along the way...

Cheese Chase is a simple random maze game. Guide Mazzie through the park to school, collecting pieces of cheese and evading pesky cats. Push the cats around if they block you, and maybe lead them to school with you for some bonus points...

This game was created in a month for a final exam in a training program I took part in during 2015.

Music used was created by Gors

Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
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TagsDungeon Crawler, Roguelike


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this is Hard as fuck... Hahahaha, it's very difficult to find the cheese and there's not tutorial or help to make the player enjoy the experience. The aesthetics are right, but it needs some rework.