cw // fire

simple project i did in like 2015

basically I was like "I sure wish there was a game that combined shmup gameplay with some RTS elements"

and then, instead of going out to see if it already existed, I made one myself


1 Level so far

1 playable unit so far


Entirely mouse/touch controlled. Click a unit to select it and drag it around.

Click anywhere else on the screen to have the selected unit aim there.

Double click anywhere on the screen to have all units aim around there (though since there's currently only one playable unit, I guess this is currently useless lol)

The sound library I'm using doesn't work with, so there's no sounds.

there's just one level, it was just a quick thing lol


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Great concept! Very optimized for touch devices.


Surprisingly good but the movement with the mouse make it so easy to dodge enemies and projectiles.