A downloadable game for Windows

Throughout the world, there are many lost treasures, buried deep within hidden crypts, secret caverns, and long lost ruins.

Guide Renee, a junior treasure hunter, through a single series of catacombs. Retrieve the relic from within. And it wouldn't hurt to swipe any currency that might be along the way...


Left and Right arrow keys: movement
Down key: crouch
X key: A button (Jump)
C key: B button (Pickup, throw, dash, etc.)

Escape: close game
F4: Toggle fullscreen


Gameboy-like graphics
Powerups (well, only 1 atm)
Escape Sequence (sort of lol)


This is a short, one-level prototype that's exploring the possibility of continuing into a full game. A platformer heavily inspired by the classic Wario Land games on the Nintendo Game Boy.

This was made for GBJam 2016. As such, it's lacking a little in extra polish due to time restraints, but should generally convey the idea of the game.


Made in Game Maker Studio
Sounds made in Bfxr

Install instructions

The game is in a simple standalone exe. Simply download and open and it'll work straightaway! (on Windows devices anyways lol...)


gbrenee.exe 2 MB


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Loved playing this. I have played it a couple times now. And I have convinced several friends to give it a try too.

I really hope you are still working on this. I understand it is still only a prototype. But if you proceed, I think you have a great idea here. The character is cute, the gameplay is relaxed and retro. And the levels are interesting.

If you continue work on this; here is my wishlist. :)

*A start menu.

*More levels (obviously.lol)

*Allow custom keybindings.

Other than that, keep it delightfully simple and I wish you the best!

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Nice short game! :3 Really liked the "Wario Land"-style gameplay

A little in-game clue on the controls would have been helpful (I forgot to look them on the page xP)