HEADSUP: make sure to hit the fullscreen button; the game uses the arrow keys and that will make the page scroll unless you're in fullscreen mode lol...

Help SoL paint the town green!

Default controls:

Select on menu, jump: X
Back on menu, attack: C
Pause: Z
Move: Arrow keys


Paint-swing: press attack once
Paint-bigswing: press attack twice in a row
Paint-block: press up and attack at the same time, creates a block of paint that you can jump onto

A gameboy-inspired game designed by https://twitter.com/SpriterGors back in like 2008 or something? and then it took me like another 6 years to actually make it.

All music and almost all of the art were done by SpriterGors, i mostly just did the programming. And the characters are all OCs made by members of The Spriters Resource Community at the time lol

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TagsGame Boy, Roguelite

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