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Splatterbomb! Bomberman and Splatoon smashed together like... mayonnaise and ketchup!

idk i just felt like making a bomberman clone, and i happened to have my Splatgun project from last year, so i converted that into this! Just pretend it's a hoppin new game the inklings and octolings play now...

It's like Bomberman! Move around and drop timed bombs to blow up walls and your opponents while avoiding getting caught in the explosions yourself! But with a Splatoon twist... Try to cover the most ground in your ink; the player who covers the most turf is the winner here!

Arrow keys to move
X to drop a bomb!
C to go into squid/octo form 
Z to booyah (the most important feature) 
ESC will close the game at any time 
F4 while on the title screen will toggle the game to fullscreen/windowed


The attached zip contains two files: the client exe and the server exe. One player (the host) will need to run the server exe. They'll need to forward port 10008 (and also clear it through their firewall) for any remote players to be able to connect. Once the server is up and running, players will be able to connect to the server with the host's IP (the host can go to https://whatismyipaddress.com/ and copy the ipv4 to get their own IP address). After that, once all connected players are ready,  the game will begin! Note that the maximum player count is currently set to 4...

Splatoon and its characters are ® of Nintendo. This game was made without permission to use Nintendo IP and is not affiliated with Nintendo.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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TagsFangame, Multiplayer, Pixel Art, PvP, Top-Down


splatterbomb_client_070619-01.exe 2 MB
splatterbomb_server_070619-01.exe 2 MB

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